As a matter-of-fact, we too, have deeply looked into the term „sustainability“, which is likewise omnipresent as being used and interpreted in so many different ways.


So what does “sustainability” mean for us?


Focussing on the future

We do not run after rapid profit maximization, since it is designated for only a short lifespan. Instead of that we seek to create and ensure a healthy and stable corporate landscape. This makes us a fair and reliable partner for our customers and suppliers. And it enables us to provide a solid working base for our employees, which is oriented on a long-term work perspective, where creative potentials can develop without existential fears.


Fellowship of common values

Management and staff understand themselves as a team of like-minded people, which work hand in hand and meet as equals, knowing that together we will be able to cope even with difficult situations.

The personal interaction across all hierarchy levels is based on mutual trust and respect, which corresponds with the way how our company is perceived from the outside world.


On behalf of our customers

“Service” is not a duty but a vocation for us. To satisfy our customers is a mission, which gives us real pleasure. This is why you will not only find professional competence at EAS, bus also friendly and honest serviceability, which is far beyond the usual level of mere selling


Environmental consciousness

On our company premises, we created a small natural paradise last summer: The “EAS Oasis”. Many species of insects and birds have found a home there. Of course we know that this will not save the world. However, we would like to provide with these places refuges for contemplation and reflection about the values which have got lost more and more in our industrialized world.



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